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About us

Freedom to Grow is all about helping individuals, groups and business to be the best they can be. From creating a bespoke, responsive therapeutic relationship in counselling to supervising staff to provide a resilient, empathic and effective service, Freedom to Grow can bring a professional and thoughtful service.

Our approach

Our vision is to provide our clients with the highest level of service and expertise. At our heart is the belief that everyone has great potential and that with the right support, this can be realised. This is why we start with you, the client. Understanding your needs and walking alongside you as you explore what you wish to achieve is crucial to our approach. Freedom to Grow is not about imposing outcomes, it is about understanding you or your business and helping you to see your potential. It is collaboration in it's truest sense as we work together to help you progress in the way that works for you. Let us help you achieve your vision and reach your full potential.

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